Grassroots Content

Ragtag is the first creative digital agency/strategic design firm built from the grassroots, using our experience as activists and organizers to shift perception and behavior – from the bottom to the top.

We partner with candidates, non-profits, and public affairs firms to deliver change through tireless door-to-door efforts and laser focused digital marketing campaigns.

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We’re a collective of strategists, producers, designers, writers, photographers, and creative directors who moonlight as activists, organizers, volunteers, and rabble-rousers… and vice versa.

How does a ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower somehow defeat a global superpower?


We Persist.

You have an idea? We bring it to life.
You have a message? We find your target audience.
Fresh out of ideas or messages? We’ll take it from here.

On a Mission.

Ragtag is only interested in righteous jobs, causes, and campaigns. If we’re in, we’re ALL in. Your fight is our fight.

Nimble AF.

Quick turnaround.
Low overhead.
High production value.
Virtual or live, Ragtag is ready.

Local. National. Global.

The breadth, scope, and demands of our projects will vary. Ragtag’s focus, experience, and capabilities will not.

What We Do:

Ragtag produces original content related to social & environmental justice, political organizations, campaigns & causes, public health & safety, nonprofits, and other righteous endeavors. Our work is all about shifting opinions, changing behavior, and driving engagement.

The Ragtag team has a depth of experience with adrenaline-powered, highly visible campaigns. We’re faster and nimbler than (insert rival agency), which allows us to constantly iterate, measure, and adapt, based on responses in public spheres.

The quest begins.