The 19: Surviving COVID

A Ragtag original, we’re following 19 survivors of COVID-19 over the course of 2 years — from illness to recovery, treatment, vaccination, and lingering effects. Through a combination of Remote Capture and on-location video, we’re able to connect with survivors from all over the country. “The 19″ will launch on social media as a micro-documentary series; episodes ranging from 90-seconds to 3 minutes.


In the early days of “fake news” and the Orange Julius administration, we developed a campaign for the Committee to Protect Journalists. By leading with soundbites from prominent Republicans, we tried to stress how essential and vital a free press is for any democracy, regardless of political affiliation.

We Believe

During the final month of NY State Assemblyman and DNC Vice-Chair Michael Blake’s run for Congress, George Floyd was murdered. Over the course of a weekend, we followed candidate Blake through a series of protests, marches, and community outreach events in his South Bronx district — which happens to be the poorest and most diverse congressional district in the country.

It’s A Warnock Life

Three days before Raphael Warnock’s historic election as Georgia’s first black Senator, we were asked to create an audio spot for social media. Fortunately, neither Jay-Z nor Charles Strouse sued us for using their material. (whew)

Latinx for Blake

In another campaign promotion, we focused on Michael Blake’s attempt to become the first African American Congressman from The Bronx. In a majority Latinx district, we interviewed local & state officials and a handful of citizens about why they wanted Blake to represent them in DC.

Medicare Advantage

Every few years, Congress votes on whether or not to extend Medicare. Recently, we were engaged by a public affairs firm to create an inbound marketing campaign for the Coalition for Medicare Choices. We captured video of a half dozen seniors, living in three different parts of the country, to highlight the integrity and authenticity of their stories. We then cut numerous short-form videos, A/B tested versions with different moods and music, and showcased them on a social campaign. By geofencing the Capital Beltway, we drove a targeted audience to a microsite with numerous calls to action. The campaign’s success exceeded all parties’ expectations, and we were told the vote has never gone through Congress faster.

The South Bronx!

Ragtag flexed our audio skills with this radio promotion for candidate Michael Blake. The spot ran on NYC’s MEGA 97.9 — “The number one ranked Latino station in the nation.”