Audience first.
Message second.
Listen always.

We Craft
Human Experiences.

Our team, mission, and motivation stem from the pavement-pounding, door-knocking, bootstrapping experience of grassroots organizing. We’re used to stepping out of our comfort zones in order to meet people where they live. We listen, learn, empathize, argue, and listen some more. The Ragtag process is about transforming human experiences into powerful stories. 

We Are
Capeless Crusaders.

Ragtag’s digital services and processes were originally designed for global, corporate behemoths (financial services, media, PR, retail, and other assorted $$$$). These road-tested tools and systems have been copped, tweaked, and transformed to serve the greater good.


Listen to understand.
Define your audience by their needs.
Craft content to engage, enrage, uplift, delight, persuade, and empower whoever the hell needs to hear your message.
Iterate on the fly.

Measure, learn, optimize & evolve.