The Ragtag menu:
Strategy, data, design, content, branding, messaging, production.


A comprehensive Competitive Landscape Review par excellence.

We breakdown performance, strategy, and creative output in every conceivable way:

Website coding. SEO. Social media competitive presence. Posting frequency. Follower growth. Channel aesthetics. Content engagement.

If it’s quantifiable or qualifiable, we curate the hell out of it — aka data done right.

Social MediaStrategy & Execution

Unrivaled Paid Media with an audience-first approach.

Custom-built Organic/Owned Media Campaigns that capture and communicate your tone of voice.

Specialized Strategy based on platform and objective (reach, engagement, followers, awareness, click-throughs, sign-ups, contributions, and other vital CTA).

Email marketing.

Detailed analytics & reporting.


From live, multi-cam setups to next-gen remote capture.

From 30-sec motion graphic animation to feature-length documentary filmmaking,
From talking heads to marching throngs, we have video crews in 80 cities, worldwide…
Ragtag videos, technically speaking, are 🔥.

WebsiteDesign & Development

Impactful, functional, mobile-friendly websites that utilize adaptive and responsive design.

“Eye-popping” is washed. Our websites sing, slap, and soar while your eyes remain safely in their sockets.

SEO, SEM, & Digital Reputation Management

Positive over negative — page one or go home.

Ragtag’s world-beating DRM strategy: analyze, repair, build, protect, maintain, and monitor your invaluable presence, 24/7.


Rebrand and rebuild.

Refresh and relaunch.

Sweeten and simplify.

Ragtag can help you craft a visual identity that unites the design of all your communications.

Our branding process is scientific and surprisingly fun.

Audio& Podcasting

Capture your voice and style with clarity and finesse.

Transform your message into bonafide edutainment.

Shape that aural asset into a well-paced, compelling show, and then give it the best possible opportunity to find an audience.


Global Live Events, Live Stream, or Virtual Announcements: Ragtag will plan it, build it, stream it, sell it, and secure it to the bone.

We produce and broadcast conferences and announcements, along with accompanying visual presentations — from basic templates to fully blown decks, from speech coaching to seat cushions, Ragtag makes everything comfy and concise.


We work exclusively with a team of data experts who’ve developed a cost-effective analytics platform focused on elevating local-level progressive candidates and ideas.

Using crucial metrics like historical voting patterns and granular breakdowns of community demographics, Ragtag offers targeted strategies that can make the difference in delivering a precinct, district, county, or state.


Speeches, Slogans and Sweeteners
Bios, Blogs and Blurbs

When your message isn’t quite landing, or you’re fresh out of ideas… ‘tag it. From light wordsmithing and tonal adjustments to comprehensive messaging and full video treatments, we have your back.


Y’know… cameras and whatnot.